Wireless Mesh Network Applications

If "things" could talk...

Just think what you could do if you could "talk" with hundreds, thousands or millions of devices or "things", and they could talk with you and each other and pass on valuable information about their status and condition...

Wireless Mesh Networks for "things"

Experts predict that in the Internet-of-Everything there will be astonishing growth and that over 50 billion currently unconnected devices will be connected by 2020.

The Internet-of-Everything includes both the Internet-as-we-know-it (which connects people through computers, phones, tablets, wearables, etc.), M2M applications and the Internet-of-Things.

A large portion of the Internet-of-Everything will be wireless mesh network applications.

Wireless Mesh Network 2020

Wireless Mesh Network Innovation

Widespread adoption of wireless mesh network technology by new users as part of the Internet-of-Everything is probably only possible with an innovative solution that makes it very simple and affordable to set up and operate a wireless mesh network by anyone concerned about having the lowest total cost of ownership.

The Bi-directional Tinymesh™ Wireless Mesh Network Protocol Stack and Cloud Services make up just such a solution and changes the way companies all over the world can more easily than ever before "talk" to all kinds of "things" and roll-out new products, services and business models quickly and efficiently.

Tinymesh™ simply makes how you can connect, communicate with and control all kinds of "things" easier and smarter, and cheaper.


More information

To find out more about uncomplicated wireless mesh networking, please contact us, or visit the Official Tinymesh™ Wireless Mesh Network Website for some exciting ideas.

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